Betrayal By Words

My words,
I used to make them dance on paper
Every word, every line that I ever wrote
A slave to me, dependent on me!
I was a magician, the words my magic
Oh how I wove them, how people read and listened!
Like white pearls, like stray diamonds
Valued and weighed,
My words were something precious
Held close to one’s heart
Treasured in their memories!
Now see what they do!
Mock me! Yes, they tease me!
They run from me as if I am infected!
I try to form them, they turn away
Slip from my tongue, hide from my pen!
The power of my pen weakened
The words,
Defeated and conquered,
Raise their heads!
They laughed as I lost the hold
As I forgot I had a life of my own
I was being sucked into eternal abyss
I could not define words when my son asked
I never felt short of words
But that day I did.
I couldnt formulate, couldnt read from the lines
I shoved the book away and turned my gaze
For I was losing
Losing what was mine since the dawn of my time.
She stared at me with tears in her eyes
How could I match those eyes who cried for my defeat
I fought for survival, I lost my words.
She would carry on my legacy
She would not let it die.
She would be the other me.

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