2. About Me

This is 2014 and I am about to rewrite about who I really am.

Dear Follower,

If you read the first “About Me” page, that was me a few years ago. Now I want to improvise it. I want to let you know that I have grown since then. I don’t sneak potato chips to my room anymore. Finally, I started taking care of my health. Earlier this year, in January, I met with an accident. It changed my perspective towards life. I changed. Of course we all change at some point in life but few admit it out loud or even realise it. I let go of a lot of things from my past and for that I have no regrets.

I still love balloons. But my favourite colour is red now. I have stopped behaving like a glutton and more like a gourmand. I have a healthy diet now and I even started trying to eat greens ( shocking but yes it’s true).

I finally took a stand in front of my family members who were trying to convince me to go for Engineering while my heart was in literature. I will apply for literature in colleges this year and hopefully get settled in a good college. Yes, my high school is finally over.

I will be 19 this April and I am looking forward to the gifts that I will get, to the cake that I will cut, to the balloons that I will play with and so on.

My hair is longer than last year obviously and I don’t have any immediate plans to cut it.

I guess thats all I can think of right now. Its getting too long anyway.

Thank you for following my blog. I love you!

Shifa Naseer

5 thoughts on “2. About Me

  1. congrats on convincing your family that you want to go for literature and not engineering πŸ˜‰ , Alas ! I wasn’t as lucky as you and here i am stuck in engineering and reading novels when i should be focusing on my semester exams πŸ˜›

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