Lonely …

Lonely heart and a lonely mind

I carry like a burden behind

Many people around me in a dense crowd !

but I feel trapped as if in a cloud !

Solitude which seemed like a bliss before

now chokes and binds me !

i cant talk or express

I feel I am bound and emotionless.

I feel empty inside out !

No one to talk to me and about

Earlier I loved to talk and laugh

now I die inside! A lonely death !

People talk to me, ask me things

but I dont hear them !

I see them but I dont reach them

I am away from them, far away !

A place where they cant find me.

Lonliness is my companion

in the madness around me !

Drowning me in its deathly silence

overwhelming deafness and stillness is tiring

As it presses down on me !

I seem to be at the bottom of an ocean

cut off from the world.

I have no wish to join them.

They are full of hate and spite

they hurt me and destroy me

piece by piece,

without showing any mercy

they force death on me !


Shifa Naseer

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