Brighter Than Sun

Looking up at the bright sun
As I squint my eyes from its glaring magnificence
Reflecting the beauty and His purity
The brittle yet stable world
The people in it, the lives they live
One among the many, only one amongst the billions
Years ago, he lived
Born from the light, he shone bright
Those who knew him, loved him
Those who heard of him, adored him
Well for me, I simply love him
For his clean heart, for his pure soul
So handsome he was, so beautiful his aura
So sure of himself, so elegant in his stance
From the dark long layers of his hair
Falling gently to his broad shoulders
To the beauty of his face, a face more pretty than an angel
I adore him, I look upto him
My angel, my role model.
Unique he was and unique he is
No one is there where he is
Holds a high place in my small heart
My love isnt enough to compliment his superiority
He was one of a kind
Such a person, no one can find
So much poise and such charm
Yet so modest and so calm
My Angel, My Messenger
My guide, My support through life.
As I cherish these memories I have read about him
I look up at the sun and smile
Knowing fully well that there is someone more bright than it.

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