Carry the load, let me carry the light 

To light up your way, as you carry the load 

I am here to ease the pain, to bear it with you 

This thing called life, a struggle to the end 

A myth, I stand, in your mind’s eye 

You are alone, on the edge of the parched land 

A companion you seek, only betrayal is felt 

But no matter, seek again, your oasis 

Its night, its dark 

Carry your light as you go 

I may not lead but I will always follow. 

What is Letting Go?

For them, once its begun, its never done

Always there, in their tiny hearts, the past

Throbbing like an open wound, continuous reminder

It wont be buried, it wont be forgotten

It will resurrect, it will always hit you in the face

Far from sanity, it will be a grudge against you

The dark emotions let loose

Shame! What is letting go?

No one knows.




It feels like only yesterday that I cut the cake 

And now again, some same faces and some ghostly memories 

Knock my door with age leading on 

Its a celebration of death, it seems 

But also of a chapter coming to an end 

And commencement of another 

A day it takes for a beginning to begin another adventure 

Be it in my room or out in the world. 

Round The Corner 

I ran into you, just round the corner 

Suprised, you were, and so was I 

I wasnt sure if I should stop and say “hi!” 

Was I still welcome? 

Fault lies where? In my heart or yours? 

I stayed, feet wont move 

Why is it so difficult to take steps

Away or towards you? 

Something brittle, if the air moved 

Shattering the illusion 

With a blink, moment passed

Illusion dissolved into memory