7. About Me

Wow, never thought I would come this far. This proves I am a person who believes in consistency.

It is my personal tradition to write an “About Me” post every year on my birthday to mark the changes I have gone through as a person as we all know that people change all the time. In my opinion, every day!

Happy Birthday, Shifa!

I have graduated from college. I have a job. I work like a corporate slave from 8 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. It’s not so bad. I remind myself every day, “Could be better, could be worse.”

I learned a lot about people and how they are when they feel threatened by someone else, how mean they can really be. One of the reasons I have turned anti-social. I do not trust people anymore.

I have seen some pretty bad days of adulthood. I have been through a lot because of my religious status, my gender, my community. Its surprising how much people still believe in these shitty ideas despite being so well read and education.

Compassion has gone to the dogs, no one cares about anyone else. Everyone is thirsty for others’ blood (metaphorically).

I sound so morose for a person who should be enjoying life in her prime. But to be honest, life is not such a nice *entity* either, it can be quite mean if it wants to be.

But I am thankful for my place in the world. I could be so much, much worse than before.

Coming to my birthday, I was quite surprised with the wishes and gifts I received. I am happy that some people actually care about me. I like it.

My favourite colour is still red. I am still in love with french fries. I have cut back on blue lays. I have a new found love called “chicken sweet corn soup” and it’s worth dying for.

I miss home sometimes, but I am happy where I am and when I plan to be in the coming months. I have some plans and I hope they work out for me this year.

And hopefully, you will hear about the plans in the next year’s post. Don’t be disappointed, life is like this all the time. It reveals the picture only until the movie has finished.

I have gained weight, I look like I ate Shifa and turned into (Shifa x Shifa = a beastly Shifa).

Planning to start some new hobbies, read some new books, eat some more this coming year.

Until next time, amigos!