An Echo

Just as the walls around a cavity
Like the bars of the prison
Just like a well with a deep down level
Just like a heart of a shattered soul and a preserved body
Same as the pieces of that heart
Same as the broken pieces of glass
Echoes the epitome of silence
The eternity filled with the deaf moment
Like the never ending deserts of Sahara and Arabia
The endless and stretched out pacific round the globe
I see.
I hear the echoes, the shattering cries of those
The pieces and the emptiness
The agony, the silence
Eating away any capacity for feelings
Rusting away in the empty corridors of time
An echo.
Of your voice filled with love
Found from my feeble memories
As the nameless voice used to call my name
Ringing around my heart
Echoing through my soul
The voice, your voice
Mixed with pain, loss and tragedy
Found from the feeble memories
Of the way you used to call out to me.

Caught In The Mills

As the winds blow from here to there
The blades follow and rotate
I stand in their path and they whoosh past me
I am scared and terrified as they threaten me
Yet I cant find the will to move
Their blades cut through me
Tear me, torture me.
I scream, I shout
I am caught in the onslaught
The mills go as far as I can see
The blades standing out
The wind feeding them speed
I cut, They slash through me
Blood gushes out like rivers from me
I feel the pain, the sensations leaving me
As I run through the mills
The blades cutting through me
The winds feeding their bloodlust
Giving them speed.

Another Milestone

Smiling as another phase passes by.
I passed My 12th board results with distinction.
I feel I could do better but Maths Tragedy pulled me down. Anyhow, I am thankful and grateful to Almighty that I passed this phase of life smoothly.
I look forward to my college life with good hopes.
Beyond the ups and downs, we find a path that is warmly lit. 

Coming To Life

I stand by my words, I stand by you
Your reflection, your shadow, Its true!
You hurt, I hurt.
But I never show.
You bleed blood, I bleed tears.
You walk a different walk
A parallel universe
Yet somehow, somewhere our paths cross
We fight, our mountainous egoes clash!
Like thunder, like storm we link!
From two different worlds, seconds away from destruction!
We tend to destroy
Like two sides of a coin.
Different yet so alike.
I imagined you, you came to life. Same as ever.
A dream I had. A fantasy I spinned.
A support I asked. And You were found.
I saw you then. And I see you now.
No common ground and yet we stand
Not holding, not even trying
Still we stand
Stand face to face
Fighting battles of our own
To please, to be there in the moment
We share.
Unique it is.
Imagination coming to life.
Our lives.