Unhappy Soul

Heavy heart, shallow breathing, a permanent scowl
Were you ever told about the Unhappy Soul?
The cries unheard, the stories untold
The secrets that never seem to unfold
Lives they live, like slaves to fate
Deprived of joy, troubles marring their spirits
No healing, no feeling
Just monotonous numbness, something to prolong
Hating every day they live, hating every night they sleep
The wounds too fatal, the scars too deep.
They see not the sun or its light
Not the blessing of a new day
Or the beauty of the oppotunities which they slay!
The dark they worship, the dark they trust.
The dark holds them in bondage, the dark does their brainwash
They see no joy, they make no merry.
Cynical they are, negative thoughts they carry.
Unhappy Souls live like a burden to their bodies
They have no wishes, they have no peace!

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