Their Love

The Sun in love with the moon never bathed in its glory

while the moon drunk with the passion for the sun

never saw it set ablaze the world.

Their reflections mingling together
But never really able to meet
Blind love they have,
Passion so deep, one fears to look

She took all day to adorn herself
Dreamed about the beauty of his rising
The dawn arrived and she was ready
Her shine dimming
As the sun stretched and spread its wings
Looking eagerly around to find a glimpse
But alas! She was under the veil
She screamed at her beloved
To find her, to see her
To hold, to touch
But he hung his head
Had it not been that he was so bright
He wouldve had her by now
Feeling her absense, his loss
Setting low, leaving behind a bruise
A sorrow which the now unveiled moon must carry.

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