Hiding from the World

Hurt, hazy and dying as I was

for which no one knew the cause.

I never let them see me like this !

Didnt want to expose myself.

I felt I could’nt endure their pity

knew they meant well

but it would only put me through hell!

I know myself well enough to agree

that I have the courage

to pull through unscathed from outside

but weak enough to rip me apart from inside!

How I hate this feeling of  desperation

how I long for some peace of mind.

People think I am happy

but they dont see my vulnerability !

I cry out loud again and again

but people only see the smiling face

and my pleas for release go to waste!

Its a good thing they dont realize what’s going on

and will leave me alone !

Sighs come as naturally as breathing !

Every day and every week

I am forced to live a pretense!

My only way to show my frustration !

Dont know where my life is heading

wherever it is, I believe there is yet loads to unwind

as my fate was never known to be kind !


Shifa Naseer


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