Colours Of The World

Twirling around in my mind
The colours of world symbolizing life
One brighter than the other
More cheerful than the many
The colours as they say spread joy
From the sky to the soil
The world dances with their waves
Feeling all new and shiny
The green of the trees
The brown of the soil
The red of the autumn leaves
The orangish flavour of the gentle breeze
The yellow glint of the sun
The silvery shine of the moon
The blue of the limitless sky
The black of the bottomless night
The striking contrast of the world
A mix of all the colours!

But is it really what it looks like
They say life is full of colours
But are they really colours of life
Or just an extension of this fantasy
We all believe colours are happy
But they too wail
Lament for their fate
They too struggle for themselves!
The green struggles against autumn red
The yellow struggles against the cloudy winter white
The silver of the moon fights the light of the day
The bright orangish day fights against the black night
We all fight, fight for our life
In this world of colours
We are blind to their sorrow
While leading our lives, all meaningless and hollow
We don’t understand what’s in front of us
Ignoring the obvious, going for the pretense
Of joy and fun of life
Killing the spirit within
A life filled with dread and despair
Trapped in the atmosphere of fear!

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