Learning To Live Again

A life is a practical joke

a joke which can never be understood.

Such deadly tricks which make us choke!

When we feel that we know how to live

life pulls us down

and forces us to start again.


My life is nothing better

When I felt that I knew where I was heading

life became helter skelter.

Throwing everything out of balance

Don’t bother to ask me how I feel

I am all ashes and dust from inside

I wish to cut out my heart

as it hurt so bad

I wished to shout and rip out my throat

as the fury inside me cannot be tamed!

I wished to slay whatever came in my path

showing no mercy for my wrath !

A revenge at myself.

But I eventually learned restrain !

Learned patience the hard way.

Left everything behind

every wish, every joy, every word!

I looked at the rubble of my life

closing my eyes,

I promised to build it anew

I had forgotten how to live

but life taught me over again !

What it like to feel

What it felt like to believe!

I am learning to live again

working my way to becoming sane …………………………..


Shifa Naseer





3 thoughts on “Learning To Live Again

  1. Well , you have never disappointed me with your poems … Just amazing 🙂
    Btw , you’ve so much privacy on your Facebook a/c ..I was searching for the “ADD ” button thea .. Lolzz

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