I Give Up

No ounce of energy left to waste
All efforts futile and in vain
My strength is breaking
My hope is shaking!
I cannot stand and face them
As my will is not with me.
My arms are dead at my side
Refusing to move, not wanting to fight
Here I stand in the dreary desert
Where even the trickle of water has left
Evaporated as steam into the dusty air
The sun is a giant ball of fire
Sucking the life out of me.
The moon with its silvery light
Makes my skin ghostly
I then realize that I am better off dead
Than this continuous torture.
They wont let me be
Will never set me free.
I fought hard enough
I rebelled long enough
I am through with them
I give up and I give up now
Maybe its cowardice, I know
But by God! I have seen more than I can bear
I am giving up as I no longer care.

5 thoughts on “I Give Up

  1. dear Shifa, NEVER GIVE UP! I told myself that when I was in high school…I found some poem and for some reason, that line struck me and I have held fast to it every since! Your poem is well written—right smack to the heart of despair! You express it well! But if that is how you are really feeling–and, I think it might be—I tell YOU …do NOT give up! Ever! YOU are WORTH LIVING! YOU are LIFE! So much suffering in our world today…I am sorry for your suffering and mine…but we have to give to the LIGHT…and be the LIGHT…and each time once of us CONTINUES we add to that LIGHT!

    Someone told me that there was a photo taken of the Earth. And the sources of the LIGHTS seen were not from the streets or modern technology—the LIGHTS could NOT be explained. I think the LIGHTS were the Positive Souls among us—-and YOU can choose to be a LIGHT or not…our thoughts become our beliefs and dictate our feelings…HAPPY THOUGHTS dear!

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