New Year Resolutions : More Like “LOL”

heheA solemn end to a very barbaric year. 2012 which was thought to be the last year of the world is almost done and no events have occured yet which might lead to the conclusion that the world will end. 21st December, 2012, came and went away without fuss. And now we are on the verge of entering a new year, 2013.
I wonder what this year will bring?
This reminded me of our so called “new year resolutions”. Every year I see people making resolutions and promises to carry them out the following year. Even though we all know those resolutions remain resolutions till the end of the year but still people enjoy making resolutions. Hehe.
I never make new year resolutions and I dont intend to make them this year as well. But since I have started some work this year and I hope that I finish it by next year,I will make 1 resolution which I will try hard to achieve.
Also for all those who make resolutions, I wish you all the very best. Make awesome resolutions and try to carry them out to the best of your abilities.

Some Space!

I am claustrophobic!!!!
My physics tuition has loads of students. They sit over each other. There’s hardly space to move. It is the most uncomfortable place ever made.
Last year we had so much space. We used to sit wide apart. Now its a population explosion. Its crazy that our teacher didnt keep a limit to the role of students. Everyday it seems as if the students have multiplied. Less and less place to sit. Today I was sitting near the door on the doormat! Imagine!! :/
Plus my claustrophobia kicks in and my head starts to spin!
There’s hardly any ventilation as well.
Sigh. I wont survive there for long. I will die of suffocation and headache.
Worse, I dont have a second choice either. Stuck in the stable.

Hit The Road!

Okay so I experimented a bit today. I drove my car from tuition to home (halfway but still). I did all the stuff smoothly except wave my hand to one of my friends rather acquaintance who was walking along the road. Hehe. Hey! Its not my fault that I get excited behind the wheel. Anyways, I started the car smoothly and drove it nicely. There are a lot of rough edges but I dont worry about them. They will eventually smoothen out. The main thing was that I stayed calm. My heartbeat didnt reach a dangerously high level and I didnt freak out like the past times. So all in all, we are going great. Next year I will get my license. Aaah!! The bliss of being a legal driver. 🙂
P.S. Good Morning.

Will Go Vrooooooommmm

Hehe I started my driving lessons. In a month or so I will drive. How cool is that! Right now I am in the so called Classroom where they teach us theoretical part of the cars and all. I would be lying if I say its interesting. Blech! I slept in my first class yesterday. I know how to drive! I just need road practice which they wont give unless theory is complete! What the hell! Kill me. I am listening to “spun” as I wait for the teacher.
Ok. The teacher is odd with funny pronunciation. I fell asleep during the class. The 6 days theory will be a pain. After that, I will gooooo vrooooommmm……..;) 😉 😉

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You Gotta Be Your Own Superhero

Today I learned a life lesson. No matter how lonely you are, no matter no one is by your side. But you forget the important fact. Allah is with you and he clears all the obstacles like paper, blows them away like dust, leaving a clear path for you to walk on. All you need is faith and belief. You need to trust yourself and you will definitely have it. Like I did today. I am proud of myself and I am thankful to Allah for helping me out.
Life’s Good when you are Alone with Allah.
I like that. 🙂 🙂

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Dependence And Taking A Stand

Why are we dependent. We are not! People make us dependent. They underestimate us and force us to lay low. They give pathetic excuses that you are too young, too amateur and all. But they dont realise what they really put us through. They make us feel useless, good for nothing people. This is wrong! Its injustice! I say we ought to try and do things ourselves. Try to be more bold, more outspoken. We should not flinch away from challenges saying we are too weak to accept them. Who says that? Your father? Your mother? They are lying then. We are as much capable as they are. If given the opportunity, we too can prove our worth. And if they refuse to give us the opportunity, learn to strive for it. Dont let yourself be. Dont live under the rock. Move the rock and see how powerful you really are.
People say we are too young. Yea sure whatever! Age is just a number, nothing to do with maturity. Some people mature beyond their ages. They become more stable than the people who are older. Maximum elders are messed up people. What do you expect to gain from them? Nothing. They say they are more experienced. True, but they hardly know where to put that experience to use. All they do is say and scold while they should encourage and make us bold.
But if they dont do that, then we have to take a stand. Make our own decisions and fight for all we are worth. One cannot achieve anything without a struggle. A struggle builds a strong support and helps to reach our goal.

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Last night, we witnessed a beautiful sight. Snowfall at night! Snowfall is way beautiful and serene than rainfall. Rain is too loud, too rough. But snow falls silently, making the surroundings peaceful and quiet. When we see snow falling, we cannot help but admire the beautiful sight. Its breathtaking to see the fresh flakes falling from the sky. Oh, to observe snow flakes under the street lamp is one of the best sights. Reminds me of the chronicles of narnia. I fell in love with snow after I watched the first part of that movie. The first time Lucy Pevensie enters the world of Narnia used to be my childhood fantasy. Now whenever it starts snowing, I extend my hands and receive the white flakes which condense as soon as my hand touches them. The flakes are too delicate to touch. Every year the snow falls but it never seizes to amaze us.


The world turns white, reflecting the fact that there is purity in nature. That purity continues to thrive despite of the mutilating efforts of mankind to marr the perfect nature. The snow shows us that we need not be loud to make others acknowledge our presense. All we need to do is be ourselves and the world will eventually find its way to us. There is so much to snow than just frozen water falling from the sky when the temperature becomes zero degrees. Everyone sees the same thing but perspective is different in different people. Its a reminder of the various miracles of nature. Its a blessing for us and at the same time an inspiration for us to write. 🙂
All my facebook friends updated statuses on snowfall last night but I didnt. They enjoyed it online, I enjoyed it by actually seeing the snow by myself. Hehe!

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Cold Strikes Again

I hate virus and viral diseases. Well, who doesn’t!!! It has struck yet again. I hate the common cold and it always finds me as target. It hits me worse. Urgh!
It hasnt been even a full month since the last cold I had during exams. What is wrong with me! I am sick.of being sick. It just isnt fair! 😦
Its cold here and I have tuitions which force me to go out and battle to ferocious winter chill. I wear many clothes but ut seems its all in vain. No matter how much I try, I end up being ill. So much for a bit of immunity. Crazy world with crazy viruses. I am so uncomfortable with my aching throat. I just skipped my lunch too as I couldnt swallow properly. The worst punishment you can give me is to make me skip lunch. Sigh. I am sick. I am cold. I am hungry. I am annoyed. I am tired. I am helpless.

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Its Been Decided

The title of my novel has been.decided people. Well, I decided a week ago but did not get a chance to post it. So, I thought about it a lot. Mixing up the plot and Jenny’s motive in my book made me come up with a single word, making it more elegant.
“A Glimpse”.
That is what I came up with. I like the word as it matches with Jenny’s motive of finding out about her father. She wants a glimpse of her father’s grave, if it exists. Jenny’s mom did not let her go to her father’s funeral and she wanted to know why. She suspects that her father is alive and that her mother lied about his death.
The title is also appropriate for Jack and his peculiar appearances in Jenny’s life. Its not a love story if you are getting the idea. I want to clear that doubt. Jack is not a human, that much I are sure. He’s just a mystery about which I haven’t thought of a reason. Wish me luck with all the stuff. Novel is a mental task. Not at all easy.

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Bits & Pieces #2

She must’ve been about five years old. She was playing on a swing when all of a sudden she lost her balance and fell. He had been there who helped her up. Her mother had been too engrossed in the fashion magazine she had been reading on the bench nearby. It had hurt that her mother didn’t come to help her.  

“hey! You okay?” jack looked at her with concern.

Still looking at her mom, jenny replied, “yeah, I am fine!”

Jack helped her up. “I am jack. You are jenny, right?” jenny turned to him, surprised.

“how do you know my name? I don’t even know who you are.”

“I know you. I have always known you.” Jack replied.

“how?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” He didn’t look at her as he said that. “is she your mother?” he pointed at Miranda.

“yes, she is!”

“oh!” he looked thoughtful.

“thank you for helping me.”

“you are welcome.”

“come on! Meet my mommy.” Jenny pulled his arm and dragged him where her mother was inspite of jack’s reluctance.

“mom! This is jack, my friend!” jenny told her mom.

Her mother looked up from the magazine she was reading with a bored expression.

“aren’t you past your imaginary friends yet, jen?” she pointed her finger at her. “its not good, you know.”

“mom! Look I am not lying! See!” she made jack stand right in front of her mother.

“see what?” her mother looked around her, oblivious to the fact that jack was standing in front of her.

“jenny, I think its enough. Okay honey! If you are done, we should go. Its getting late, already.” She got up and turned to leave.

“what are you saying? This is my friend jack! And you cannot ignore him like this.” Jenny shouting, obviously annoyed by her mother’s behavior. Her mother turned around, surprised.

“darling, your knee is bleeding. We should tend to it first and then we will talk about your stupid friend.”

“my friend is not stupid!” jenny shouted back.

Jenny  looked at jack with apology in her eyes.

“she cant see me. Save your breath.” Jack said quietly. “just go quietly with your mother.”

Jenny’s mouth was hanging open as her mother took her arm and led her out of the park. Jenny turned around to see jack but he was nowhere to be seen! Jenny looked forward and fought back tears that were threatening to come out.

The First Day Of The Senior Most Year

What can I say ?
The first day was utterly boring. No other words for it. I got so annoyed. There was nothing different. Only more threats from teachers about discipline, cleanliness, punctuality n all. It felt mundane. Doing the same thing over and over. Sigh!
I just wanted to turn around and run back home. Also it was so cold. I was frozen in the school. Totally!
I couldnt wait to go back home. Well, I am not going tomorrow. I need rest. 😉 to balance myself. I am tired out of my wits. After school, I had tuitions too. It went good, only I was bored there too. I am always bored. As bored as I can ever be.

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