Blood test!!!!!!!!!
I dont like pricks and definitely not on my arm!
I got to take a blood test to know my blood group. I am waiting for my turn and freaking out!!
😦 😦 😦

New Year Resolutions : More Like “LOL”

heheA solemn end to a very barbaric year. 2012 which was thought to be the last year of the world is almost done and no events have occured yet which might lead to the conclusion that the world will end. 21st December, 2012, came and went away without fuss. And now we are on the verge of entering a new year, 2013.
I wonder what this year will bring?
This reminded me of our so called “new year resolutions”. Every year I see people making resolutions and promises to carry them out the following year. Even though we all know those resolutions remain resolutions till the end of the year but still people enjoy making resolutions. Hehe.
I never make new year resolutions and I dont intend to make them this year as well. But since I have started some work this year and I hope that I finish it by next year,I will make 1 resolution which I will try hard to achieve.
Also for all those who make resolutions, I wish you all the very best. Make awesome resolutions and try to carry them out to the best of your abilities.

Some Space!

I am claustrophobic!!!!
My physics tuition has loads of students. They sit over each other. There’s hardly space to move. It is the most uncomfortable place ever made.
Last year we had so much space. We used to sit wide apart. Now its a population explosion. Its crazy that our teacher didnt keep a limit to the role of students. Everyday it seems as if the students have multiplied. Less and less place to sit. Today I was sitting near the door on the doormat! Imagine!! :/
Plus my claustrophobia kicks in and my head starts to spin!
There’s hardly any ventilation as well.
Sigh. I wont survive there for long. I will die of suffocation and headache.
Worse, I dont have a second choice either. Stuck in the stable.

Hit The Road!

Okay so I experimented a bit today. I drove my car from tuition to home (halfway but still). I did all the stuff smoothly except wave my hand to one of my friends rather acquaintance who was walking along the road. Hehe. Hey! Its not my fault that I get excited behind the wheel. Anyways, I started the car smoothly and drove it nicely. There are a lot of rough edges but I dont worry about them. They will eventually smoothen out. The main thing was that I stayed calm. My heartbeat didnt reach a dangerously high level and I didnt freak out like the past times. So all in all, we are going great. Next year I will get my license. Aaah!! The bliss of being a legal driver. 🙂
P.S. Good Morning.

Will Go Vrooooooommmm

Hehe I started my driving lessons. In a month or so I will drive. How cool is that! Right now I am in the so called Classroom where they teach us theoretical part of the cars and all. I would be lying if I say its interesting. Blech! I slept in my first class yesterday. I know how to drive! I just need road practice which they wont give unless theory is complete! What the hell! Kill me. I am listening to “spun” as I wait for the teacher.
Ok. The teacher is odd with funny pronunciation. I fell asleep during the class. The 6 days theory will be a pain. After that, I will gooooo vrooooommmm……..;) 😉 😉

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You Gotta Be Your Own Superhero

Today I learned a life lesson. No matter how lonely you are, no matter no one is by your side. But you forget the important fact. Allah is with you and he clears all the obstacles like paper, blows them away like dust, leaving a clear path for you to walk on. All you need is faith and belief. You need to trust yourself and you will definitely have it. Like I did today. I am proud of myself and I am thankful to Allah for helping me out.
Life’s Good when you are Alone with Allah.
I like that. 🙂 🙂

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