Where Do You Find The will?

To get up each morning, to go through the mundane days
To believe that the day is bright, to feel the excitement as it goes by
To greet, with a warmth in your voice
To meet and to grasp the talks you have
To smile and laugh and go on still
No matter the wounds inflicted within
To go on, to go on beyond limits
To endure each day, to welcome each tormenting night
Where do you find the will?

To make up your mind, to find a direction.
To decide your path, to follow it true
To drown and rise from your disturbing thoughts
To reach all levels of turmoil,
Yet never show a sign of weakness
To grope in the dark and yet lead the way of others lost
To sink yourself for others to float
To give yourself up for others to find
To be so sacrificing, so elite in this age
Where do you find the will?

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