Fall Of The Pride

Proud that I am the best
Proud that I am unique
Proud that I am invincible
Proud that I will die undefeated
As I was high in the clouds
My thoughts full of my pride
Addicted to it
Blinded by intoxication
I overlooked my weak spots
And as I soared higher and higher
Feeling my power mounting
As I felt my strongest
My weak ground gave way under me
I lost balance and fell
Shock and dread, the feelings were new
While falling, the sound of air in my ears
Deafening sounds, blinding speed
As I fell and kept on falling
Deeper and deeper into God knows what
I never reached my end
Got stuck into nothingness
My sins paid off well enough
Caught me unawares and without a heads up
This is what we call the fall of the pride
Ashamed pride as it will die
Lamenting their folly, asking for forgivness
Begging for release and mercy
Had it not been my pride
I would not have ignored the right
Sorry that I was a fool
Sorry that I didnt realise
Sorry that my time is up
Sorry that I cant take it all back!
Done and defeated the pride will cease
While the fate will mock and tease …

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