I see it all

Life as it unwinds, one curve and another straight road

I see the dark behind the brilliant sun and I see the lining of the silver moon

I see the shadows behind, the bright side of which I reflect in my eyes

You see me smile, you see me green

You dont see the lines, you dont feel me pining away

I wait for you to remove your filters, the sieve that you use to view the world

My world that you see doesnt seem as dark

But I see and I feel for I have no filters

I feel your pain, I witness your struggle

I do understand but why dont you understand me?

You dont see me bleeding out, all you see is the mess I made

That your filters and mine all laid out in black and white

So unfair it is that I see what you dont, that I feel what you never will.

Weighing Us Down

Phew. My first holiday at home.
And its not good at all.
So many issues. So many problems.
Home isn’t what I left it as two months ago. Its something entirely different.
I dont recognise it.
I feel sad that my uncle is not well.
He is very important to me.
And my thoughts are so jumbled that I cannot form them properly into sentences.
Its melancholic. The atmosphere is sad.
And I am sad.

No need to whine about the problems.
Lets just hope the world makes sense again.
Lets hope that what we lost is recovered. Most of it, if not all.
Lets hope that wherever we go, we stay together.
Lets hope that we all stay healthy and no ailments plague us.
Lets hope that life doesn’t break my back this time.
Lets hope that my fate is kind to me At least this once.
Lets hope that all this doesn’t weigh me down and cripple me.
Lets hope we survive the blows.
Lets hope that our hope never gives way.
Lets hope.