Silent Spectators

We, who have the so called life
A free will to drive it around
To make a place in this world
To spin it according to what we please
But its all false, this game
Is all a ruse in the name of freedom
Bound in the chains of destiny
We, the silent spectators of our own lives
Watch as our fate leads us with ease
And tortures us without mercy
What freedom of action is there
Driven by circumstances tougher than the gusts of wind
Blowing us off our feets
While landing all crumbled in a heap
We are slaves of our destiny
Puppets as we dance at its rhythm
Screeching sounds which numb our minds
Rendering us unable to unwind
Helpless we all are
Journeying along as prisoners
Of despair and dusk
Looming around us like a fog
Choking, strangling us so
Such an effort it is to stand
On such a barren and fallow land
Its so sad to watch our fate whisk us here and there
We have been denied all we ever asked for
They put up a facade of a free will
Mocking and teasing
While the silent spectators ache for freedom
Ache to live their lives as they please
And to free themselves of the deathly leash

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