Unaware Of The Beauty In You

Looking into the mirror
A big frown on the pretty face
Not liking your image
You turn around and curse
So silly you are to think you are average
You are blind to your own potential
You envy the other girls
Never knowing all the boys stare at you as you twirl
You are convinced you are not pretty
Neither humorous nor witty
Ignoring your pure heart
You focus on things that are irrelevant
Your beauty is rare
But still you live in fear
People love you for you
Why cant you see the good in you
Your eyes are green
Reflecting calm and feelings serene
Your hair is shiny black
Black as the darkest of the nights
Beauty lies in your features
On which you decorate your sweet frown
Unaware of the beauty in you
You curse the mirror and hate the girl in you !

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