5. About Me

This year I changed like water. I could feel my personality taking different shapes from the very beginning. I have become more grave, less childish.

The love for blue lays is still there.Still love french fries especially from McDonalds. They serve the best.

I have started writing in my diaries as well. Since one would not suffice, I have more than five active ones that I write in. Each for a different headache that I carry.

Loads of people I let go of, many let go of me. That is how it is I suppose.

I met with many disappointments and I guess that is how we grow.

I fell off the bicycle and couldnt walk properly for two weeks. I saw almost the entire Delhi and it was amazing. I still have many more places to go to but this will suffice for now.

Many people told me I disappointed them and I accepted their accusations because in my own reality, for the very first time, I didnt disappoint myself. For once, I held my own wishes over others and I felt good.

And I guess this is what I had been searching for.