An Apology

Condemned I am
In the eyes of you all
You take me as a criminal
An outcast
You look down on me
Rain hateful words over me
Call me names
It hurts a lot
Trust me! I do not deserve all this
Yet I feel that I never lived up to your expectations
You feel I always let you down
But its not that easy!
It kills me inside when you condemn me
You all hate me
My very existence is a burden on you
You loathe the air I breathe
You feel the space I occupy is mutilated
And yet as the injustice is being done
I would like to apologise
For everything, for existing!
My pain is only mine
My heart is deprived of its shine
My life is under a curse
Your damp concern a farce
I see through you
Into your eyes and into your soul
And I see the darkest evil which resides in you
No matter how much you try to hide
I see the devil in you
It shames me to apologise to you
It kills me to bow down to you
Yet still I do it
With remorse and guilt!

I apologise to my divinity
I apologise to my almighty
My sins are innumerable
With stones on my soul
I ask for forgivness
I beg for my salvation
I left my pride with my deeds
But now I turn away from my death
And beg life to take me back
Dont want to live with the shadows
Which eats me alive
Showing no mercy
I ask for freedom
I ask for life
I apologise for losing my pride
I ask for almighty to be on my side.

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