Wait For Me

Realizing with regret that you are off
Hardly noticing me in front of you
I wave my arms, I shout out my vocals
Yet you don’t hear a single word
Or maybe you wish to ignore
I don’t blame you as I know
What I have become
Yet for old times sake
You can stay with me
Just like we used to be before it took place
You can wait for me to return
Or is it too much to ask
I don’t expect you to stay
Yet my heart wails for you
You will hear the sound when it shatters
Yet I will not blame you
As I even don’t like who I have become
Lost and blank for all I care
But my heart holds on
While I carry the facade of living
I will plead if I can
As only by knowing that you will wait
Will I be able to carry on
Give me your promise
Swear to me that you will wait
Wait for me! As long as you can
Now as you turn your back
With a strong will to never return
I silently whisper a prayer of hope
Hoping against hope to see you again
Waiting on my doorstep
Waiting for me!

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