A Slip At Every Step

We all walk a road of thorns

a slight slip or a sudden trip

puts us back a long way.

Helpless and worn as we follow

It gets all the more entangling.

At every step

there is a SLIP!

One by one, we all fall

No one to answer any helpless call.

Each  step taken is effort

every breath is a pain.

At every step

my heart cries to stop

from fear of a slip

but step by step

I walk like dead.

Ignoring the protests of my failing body!

The pain I feel

the sorrows I breathe

is for those who were lost behind!

My every blister

a tribute to their lost lives.

My time will come as well.

I live in fear that I might be next.

There is no one on either side of me

and I don’t have my final destiny.

Still I have to move forward

and before I am too late

I have to beat my fate.

I am fighting a war which was never mine to fight

but here I am !

Holding my pain, my hatred in my hands.

Not knowing where it will make me land.

shifa naseer

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