Snowfall At Night

The world was dark and silent
The cold mist hung low
The old lady sat near the roaring fire
Her head tilted to the side
Looking out the window
She was alone in the cottage
Had no one to share
Her wrinkled hands lay in her lap
As she sighed now and then
Her weak eyes squinting through the dark night
Hoping for a glimpse, a sign
Then she saw the first flakes
The whitest ever falling outside
She leaned forward and was satisfied
She looked at the snow with longing
The snow, the white fell heavy on her heart
Jamming her nerves, her body numb
As her longing eyes became lifeless
Nothing but tiny orbs staring into nothingness
They stayed open as her hand fell limply

4 thoughts on “Snowfall At Night

  1. ….it makes me feel like ” waiting ” πŸ˜‰ for a lil more but u ended it to soon i guess…it is a very nice poem though , no doubt πŸ™‚

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