Aphrodite’s Three Apples

The beautiful Atalanta, unwedded and untamed
A beauty many since long wanted to possess
Her grace and her face
Charmed the whole Greece to waste
Aahh, she whooshed past like the light
Stopping nowhere in her chase
Showing off her strength, she ran
For her suitors, she was the one!
And praised her and offered her love
But vain with her beauty and speed, she declined all!
For it was no idle tale that she always won
Always outran all those who raced against her

Hippomenes, who hopelessly fell for her, wanted her as his wife
Knowing she wouldnt agree, he seeked The Aphrodite
“O dearest! Help me here! For I lost my heart to the fair maiden
She wont look at me for I dont run fast
I am under her spell! She has bound me so!
Help me, my fair lady!”

The young man’s plea, so earnest it seemed
Aphrodite decided to help him seek his bride
She gave him three red apples from a tree
And told him to use them during the race
So happily trotted Hippomenes to race with her grace!


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