Backbiting (URGH)

This is one of the many things that I hate or loathe you can say ! Backbiting, one of the many vices of humans, is a very shameful act. People who backbite don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong. It’s treacherous! I cannot believe that a person who seems to be nice to a person actually talks about that person behind his back !
This world is filled with people who backbite! These people are spiteful and conceited. They think that it’s fun to discuss people, make fun of them, say mean things about them ! Who has given them the right to discuss people! Who do they think they really are ! Even if a person who is being discussed is really bad still does not justify that they will talk about that person !
I never discuss people! My mind is always preoccupied with so many things that I never concern myself with what’s happening in other people’s lives. To be true, I don’t even care ! People ask me questions about my life and stuff but I never ask about there lives because i don’t want to listen but still those people tell me irrelevant things that drag on and on. They don’t even realize that I am not listening ! They are way too happy while discussing other people to notice my lack of interest in what they have to say .
I cannot really imagine as to how they manage to get in so much information about other people! I hardly remember my own life events! They know the whole life history of another person. ( shaking my head). They don’t realize how many people they hurt during this process. Its a bad bad habit! Talking and discussing people.

Pretending to be your friend but actually hate you so much that they tell all your stuff to other people without giving a second thought to your trust and belief !
Sigh ! This is today’s situation! Pitiful and filled with such bad impressions which have a bad effect on our lives!

It boils my blood when …

I would like to reflect on people’s personalities this time. I am a good judge of character (well almost). I am a person who tries her best not to hurt anybody or make anyone cry even if it causes me a spot of bother. I try ! I always try to make people happy. It is a very tiresome thing to do! It’s not easy to make people laugh when they feel like crying. I am more than willing to make them smile but all I ask in return is to talk properly. Most of the people we know are generally “moody” i.e. they talk to you only when they feel like it and when they don’t feel like it, they ignore you like they never knew you ! That is the worst thing you can put a person through. Not talking and neither telling the person why he is being treated like that !

It boils my blood i.e. it makes me very very angry when a person who is supposed to be your good friend stops talking to you for no reason at all. And after a while comes to talk like nothing has been going on. People do that to me all the time, I don’t know why ! I can never get used to being treated so cruelly. It literally kills me while I think as to what I really did for them to behave this way. It really doesn’t even bother them that I get hurt too. The fact that I don’t show that I am hurt doesn’t mean that I don’t feel bad when someone treats me like dirt. I can never imagine not talking to a person just because I feel bad about something. I always make sure that the other person is not noticing that I am not in a good mood.

If I can make myself smile even in my ugliest moments, why cannot I expect the same from others. I don’t need any favors! All I want is for them to treat me as I deserve.  It BOILS my blood when people become moody ! I hate their behavior and I pity them for this shortcoming as they don’t realize how many people they hurt due to their personality disorder !





Lesser the Expectations, the Better !

Most of us, well almost all of us do one thing which is a quite common thing to do. We “Expect”. We pin our hopes on something or someone and it never turns out to be what we desire. So we expect, spin it to a high gear and finally come crashing to the ground. All we are left with a damp spirits and bump on the head (hypothetically).

It’s only human nature that we expect things from people. Why should people live up to our expectations ?
They are not bound to us. They have no obligations towards us. Then why do we form fantasies in our minds when we know that its not possible. No answer to that question, is there ?

We follow a cycle : we expect, we break, we make and then again expect. Life is based on hope. Hope to see a better future, hope to have a brighter tomorrow even if the present is lulled in darkness. Now hope is always followed by disappointment. Well most of the time! The actual miracle of life is that we resurface even after the most deadly disappointments with more energy and vigor to hope, to trust and to expect!

Who can believe that a fragile human who can be killed by anything, who is an vulnerable as anything, can have so much capacity to bear the weight of disappointments. I, for instance, have so many disappointments in life that I have actually stopped counting. Like other fools of people, I too hope to get what I want and seriously it is never what I expected. Expectations are crushed and smashed and squashed and pressed until they are just a mere distant prospect.

There’s nothing we can do, is there? We cannot fight our own nature. All we can do is hope (ironically) because without hope we cannot do a single thing. There should be desire in our hearts to achieve something even if we can’t achieve it. Just keeping the flame of hope alive, we can at least drift through life. Though not peacefully, but we will.
So expect less, feel less and live more (wink)

The Last …

For a person who is dying, death is more painful rather than for someone whom death takes by surprise ! A person who knows that he’s dying, dies every single second of his remaining life. Each second passing means his death coming closer. For him, everything becomes his last. The last year of his life, the last month of his last year, last day in this world of mortals, last hour of his life, last minute for his heart, last second of his breath ! And whoosh ! His breath leaves his lungs for the last time. His chest heaves for the last time. His body twitches for the last time and his family begins to see his body for the last time.
The person dies with everything he used to did with a label of “the last …”.
Its really awful !
Coming to my life (as usual), I was the only person who made my dad eat his dinner for the last time. I made him drink water for the last time. I helped tend to him in his fever for the last time. I was there when he took his last breath, standing next to his bed.
Everything related to my father has been done and made. Nothing else to look forward to! Only to back at the memories which fade with every passing day ! No matter how much we try, even the last memories will fade with time.

I protest to do what you ask me to do !

Really which one of us likes to be dictated ? No one! We want to be free from anybody’s pressure ! We would appreciate if we were allowed to make our own decisions without any outside help! advice is always welcome but do we really need someone breathing down our necks trying to tell us what to do !?
NO … that is where I say “I protest!”
I have seen people bending to other people’s wishes ! I have seen friends cutting themselves out just because someone demanded something of them ! But is it really that important to keep others happy ? To give others more priority than your own self !
I am not saying that we should be selfish in our endeavors but I am saying that excess of everything is bad ! It even involves keeping others above than one’s own self !
Eventually a person is bound to give way while carrying other people’s burden ! My eyes have witnessed that !
One of my friends is in depression as she put someone’s wish before her, broke her friendship with her close friend for someone else, hurt herself and others and God knows how much she is in pain right now !
Now I know that we are teenagers and blah blah blah but our elders ought to realize that we are not those typical teenagers who like to be treated as adults ! Hell no ! I, for instance, would love if my family would continue to consider me the smallest child as I don’t want to grow up just yet ! I feel that I am not ready ! I know that many of us are older than our years and our elders need to realize that ! They ought to trust us which of course is a very hard thing for them to do !
Concluding my chatter, I would love to express the fact that I am responsible in most of my life’s decisions ! I only slip at times as I often forget things ! More than often actually which scares me ! I hope it passes with time and does not worsen ! I forget the passwords and then end up making new accounts. I forget to call people even when I promised to call them and then end up apologizing which is never enough. I forget ! That is a simple truth of my life ! sigh!
Anyways I just think that I hate when people dictate things to me ! I dont like that at all ! I have every right to exercise my free will and I will use it !
And you all should do it too…………………………………………..

shifa naseer

My Life and my opinions about it

It has been my exams since I last updated my blog and I know that hardly anybody follows it but still I want to apologize for the delay (being professional)

Alright then !
I never write about myself and I really am not in the habit of expressing myself directly ! This is my first attempt at writing something that I feel worth sharing !

My life has been a constant struggle ! I am not complaining but just accepting the fact with logic that life can never be fair, for me or for anybody else!
Looking back, I feel that I lived my life to the fullest until now ! When people say that one should live life to the fullest by finding happiness even in the saddest moments or in the darkest times! I did the same! I found ways to smile when people expected me to be crushed under the weight of my sorrows and problems !
I am not self centred as many might get the impression because I dont write anything other than what is related to me ! But the truth is we can never talk so much about any person ! All the lines come from a person’s heart and are their very own and original !
I am not an expert towards the various happenings in our lives and neither am I prepared to face them without fear ! But I have developed tolerance to stand and not buckle whenever a problem comes my way !
I have seen people being crushed by the smallest griefs ! The grief for them may be very heavy but I believe that people who have seen much, much worse find them petty ! That is not a good way to see things ! Everyone has a capacity to bear pain ! Mine has been stretched as far as it can go and I am surprised that I have survived to witness it.
Life put before me death ! Several times while I was growing up ! Taught me how to survive a loved one’s death ! But never taught me to be prepared for it.
Life is a school, we are the students and death is the teacher ! The best possible way to judge life which has been a mystery to the people since ancient times …