You were timeless, there was so much

Of time, spent together, of us

After dinner, every night

Talking. Sharing stories, listening to you

Its all in there, in my head, I feel it all

My memory doesnt fail me here

I remember vividly, your joy, your sufferings

Your pain, and mine

Its all timeless, precious and yet lost

Its transient, changes colour with the wind

Its broken and yet


I can’t finish this line.

Its A Loop

You start, you move forward

You decide to let go

But then you see it again

In a loop, you remember.

On and on it goes

Every year, on days

I mope

I throw fits, I cry

What for? They are not coming back.

But I am stuck in this loop, can’t say its eternal

But it feels like one.

Feed Off Your Despair

Fuck this shit for you are not alive

You breathe and yet you dont live

Coward, you crouch behind memories

Accept that he is dead, that there is no hope


No amount of chemo will help,. no matter what you do

Prick and prod his body and yet it will generate the dark fluid

Filling his body, decaying.

He is dying, Shifa, what are you going to do?


No, it didnt work. He died anyway.

Did you ask to trade your life with him?

I did!

No, it didnt work. He died anyway.

So fucking feed off your own despair tonight for its his day

You lost to life, you will keep losing to life

You will drown, you will live alone.


Here We Go Again

I am right where I began

Its that day again

That moment, I live through again and again and it feels like it was yesterday

Two years gone by

It all feels pointless now

And yet I am still here

Breathing, without you, holding on, without you

You haunt my dreams, I dream I am hugging you

We are right where we started, you in your grave

I am in mine.


Its 7th November, and I am still not tired of counting my days of sorrow

Thank you

Till You Love Me Too 

In a given moment of time, I lose it all

To you. 

In humble submission, I give my all 

To you. 

In my hopeless state, I dare to hope again for sunshine from my heart

To you. 

In my garden of thorns, I plant a rose

For you. 

Love for you, my beloved, may be a game but know this, in the deepest realms of my mind and soul, I hold that love for you till you love me too!