I Want Change

Born in a place, called it my home
Among family, and never alone Grew up and learned to live
Took pleasure in the four seasons
Revelled in the paradise
Loving me, loved by all
Never dreamed that my world would shrink and become so small
Never knew that life would show its ugly face so soon
That breathing would become an effort
Shattering my dreams, blurring my vision
Like an eclipse, it descended on me
Trapping me, holding me
Chains and shackles surrounding me
Thus my life changed
My will broke, my hopes vain Melting away like the ice from heat
My spirit condensed
I do not fight, I dont rebel
Yet I hope one day It will all change
My life will mould for the better A time, a golden era passed away But I hope it reflects its shine on me
Again filled with colours and life my heart would be
All I ask for is change
Change for good, change for the better
Full of hopes and joy
This is not much and I am sure that I will have it
All I need is freedom now
No querries of why and how
I dont want a change of place
All I need is a change of space!

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