Losing the Grip of Sanity

Time passes without me moving at all

or maybe I am waiting for a call

What is it that I am looking for ?

What is it that my heart pursues?

I don’t know the reason yet

I feel being under the debt

of things I have locked inside me

for a long time I believe.

I don’t know what to do ?

My life is at a standstill

my blocked feelings aiming to kill

I can’t hold on now!

I can’t find the answer to “how”!

I need to move quick

before I break myself, brick by brick.

I need to find it

and I know that I can’t quit.

I hate it, I hate it all

waiting for that irritating call

my insanity is taking its toll

Why is it taking so long ?

Time is running out!

I am losing my grip of sanity

Instead of blanking, my mind is fuzzy.

With things that I felt unsorted

baffling as the problem is

I don’t even know the logic of it

Why am I where I am ?

No answer to the senseless question



Shifa Naseer

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