Why is it so that the rain falls, the wound festers, hurts to age, as time passes by, in the night lands of the dark side of life? 

The wound festers so, maggots make their homes,  wriggling, writhing in pain, the image pains me to draw into existence my woe! 

Meanwhile the rains falls, soaks me to the bone and I wonder if you know how it feels

How it feels to burn in the in the shadows of the night, for the stars are the only respite from the dreadful frightening scene 

Of my eternity, my endless suffering, my romantically morose mindless heart. 

I carry the load, I burn the fire using ash, like phoenix reborn every time.

Sigh on the lips, forming a good bye, a sweet blissful end, I hope to lie forever under the damp soil.  


Caress the words, put them to sleep

Sing them a lullaby and send them off to bed. 

For a better tomorrow, a new story. 

A fresh start, another beginning. 

Spinning words, entwining lines on paper 

Putting ink dots, crossing all the T’s

In a single file, like military. 

Words will rise, from the ashen mouth 

Gone dry. 

Words will rise, like the sun in the sky 

From the womb of the horizon and shine. 


Who is there but me for you? 

Little bitter, but with love so true. 

Catch me off guard, if you ever will. 

Never will you see me again, down the alley of tribute 

Gone are the days of pardon

Gone are the days of mercy. 

You will die for betrayal, if ever 

And I will smile as they put you out.