Broken Lives

One tempest is enough
To break
To shatter
What we knew
What we believed
One tornado of events
Enough to blow away
The foundations of stone
Of human love
Of ethics
One tsunami of tears
Enough to wash away
The regrets
The hopes
The wishes
To wash it all away
Never to be gathered and made into one
All the tornados and the tempests and the tsunami
Could never move me
I was strong and I was holding on
You broke all my bonds
You let me slip and you let me slide
Gathered in a corner
You watched me die
Blown by the tornado
Drowned by the tsunami
Swept away by the tempest
Where I could no longer breathe
I lamented my broken bonds
Our broken lives
Each precious as a pearl
Handed over to nature
Who broke and swept and drowned them all
Broken lives we now live
Empty shells that do not give.

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