The Dusk

Time is quite queer
Way out of my understanding
A total captivating mystery
Flying by with turning pages and changing stories
Like sand dunes, it changes
Never permanent, never settling!
The dawn with its spectacular and breathtaking light
Fills me with warmth and courage to fight
The day brings brightness and color
Refreshing the faded lines of life
And yet there is a time
When I feel that all I do is a waste
Whatever efforts I make are erased
The time of dusk
When shadows slowly disappear
Leaving me alone to cope with the fear
I am afraid of dusk and the dimness it brings
Infusing me with a color so dark
In unision with night
It breaks my aura
Infiltrating my soul
Leaving it open and really cold !
Slowly creeping forward
Darkness intermingling with black
All around engulfing and difusing
Into my heart……..

4 thoughts on “The Dusk

  1. but i think the time of dusk shows us the reality..u say that the shadows disappear and that ur alone …thats the truth , we are alone ..the only thing thats going to stay with us forever is god and He has no shadow..after dusk , it gets dark right, so in some way the time of dusk is telling us to prepare ourselves for the night ( hardships ) … so its actually a good time
    ps- dusk is my fav. time of the day…its beautiful.. if my day has been bad , the setting sun tells me that ” bachoo, bas yeh din khatam , khush hoja , tomorrow is going to be great . πŸ˜‰ ” …

      1. I never said we are like God (nb)..where did you get this from?. we need not to fear because we should keep in mind that god is always with us…THIS is my point.

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