Do You See Her?

Look her in the eye and try
To see the depths
The inside of her soul
Tell me if you find the end
To her inner world

Look at her face, observe her smile
See the muscles crunched up in pain
Trying to chase the tears away
Tell me do you see termination to the endless smile?
Do you see the tear on her beautiful cheeks?
When I tell you to see
Do you just see or do you really look
The way her back is bent
As if she carries the world
The way her head is bowed
In disappointment
The way her heart was broken
Mercilessly torn apart
Do you see her life
Do you see her?


4 thoughts on “Do You See Her?

  1. Tell me do you see termination to the endless smile?

    I started over thinking this line and it was a good little journey. Do I see with my eyes or my mind? If you say it is endless then I can only see ends which are imaginary. Is it endless in duration or in length and breadth? If I die before the smile ends, then I see the end of my perception and my ability to perceive the smile, and so, it might as well be endless and yet over for me. Anyone who sees the smile from your words is seeing a different smile that exists only in their own mind, is this the same smile you’re referring to?: her smile. And when I think of other things, does the dropping of that thought constitute the termination of the endless smile?

    Well, it was nice stopping by. 🙂

    1. Hahaha .. You sure have given it a thought. Lol. . The smile I am referring to is the one she shows to the world. It is endless in the sense that she endlessly hides her sorrows and her pain … Thats the smile I am talking about 🙂

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