Dear Love

“Look at me, my love!”
A soothing velvety voice asked
Like the water flowing from the brooke,
Striking the stones and dying with the muddy edges.
So soft, so alluring
Love couldn’t help but look up
From her window.
Into the dark night
A part of it, The voice.
Straining to hear more of the voice which seemed to give her wings
She waited.

“Dear Love! If I say I love you, would you care to believe me?”
She smiled at the dark night and nodded.
She couldnt find words; Her mobility impaired by the romance of her love.
“Oh Dear! But would you not ask me why?”
Continued the voice, almost a whisper now.
Love was too bold and trusted her love
She shook her head with certainty.

A cry of pain was heard like never before
And the voice broke out into a dirge
“Dear Love, what would I do without you?
I am yours but I feed on you too!
I am selfish and I lure you
Each time, every time!
I speak words coated with honey
You succumb to my seduction
How noble your soul is!
Even after my treachery, you hold me dear!
The people abuse you so! They accuse you!
I swear I laugh at you then
A disgusting, ugly laugh
Yet when I come to you for another heart, in exchange to my suger coated false words of love
You give in!
I make you weak.
You give in every heart that loves
I hold it in my dark palm
And I crush it while you beg for mercy.
Do I listen to you?
I rejoice in your tears, my love!
As you break and wan, I fly off into sunrise
Another dawn breaks another heart you possess.
Dear Love! I break your hearts
Each time, every single time!
You fix them, but they never stay whole
Chips and pieces fall here and there
They cry, you cry!
I laugh! Thats what I do!
Yet you still love me unwaveringly?”

Tears trickling down her face
Love bowed her head.
If only she was allowed to speak
She would speak her heart out!
There were people with her answers but
No one was bold enough!
No one was brave enough!
No one loved enough!

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