It’s Not What It Looks Like

Its not as easy as I make it look, not as smooth

Its not what you think, this pretension of a life

I wait in the dark, I wait for light

I wait for you to end my plight.


Its not a bed of roses, this life

Its more of a walk among the thorns, barefoot

Each prick that I endure, each drop of blood that spills

Its not what it seems to be, its just my blood singing

Singing to the rhythm of your heartbeat.


Its not what it looks like, floating over clouds

I just lost my way while looking for your fate

I seem at my leisure while I drown inside

I suffocate while it seems I enjoy the stroll.


Arduous as it is, I am still glad it is!

The pain, a reminder!

Cloudy mist, soothing my nerves

The wind, caressing with a touch

So soft, a slap

To wake, not stop.

I seem to never be through

The invisible ties that lead me to you!

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