The Calm Before The Tempest

Now that I am here, I have a sense of belonging

I no longer stand out, I no longer have to hold my ground

Here, my stage is set, the path is lit

All I have to do is follow, and always follow through

No urge to flee, I feel a certain sense of calm

My nerves are at rest, I dont grit my teeth

I dont shrink away from others, I dont glance away in fear

It makes me uneasy, this new peace of mine

I feel it after years of turmoil and how is it that it yielded to me?!

I dont trust this feeling, I dont believe this peace

The silence of the raging voice, the eerie calm

Convince me of the imminent storm!

I have no support to hold on, no one to fall back on

I stand alone and even the ground wont hold me for long

The tempest will again ensnare me in my dark place

So damp, so murky, so cold it is

And the thought itself makes me shudder in fear

The fear of the onslaught, the fear of the unknown.

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