There’s a reason they are Dreams 

It’s an interesting thing, a dream

A world spun out of desire and yearning 

A little bit of suffering, and a little bit of hope 

It’s a raw idea of your escape 

Your utopia where you are immortal 

Your dream. That one thought 

Feeling like Alexander felt on his conquests 

The euphoria. 

But there’s a reason it’s called a dream

It’s a dream, like a horizon 

Ever present to the eye, but never seems too close 

How can it be? It’s just a dream.

How dare you think it’s within your reach? 

It’s a Wrap

There is nothing beyond the valley of sand

Just some more sand, when you thought it was the end 

This is the end.

It’s the same as it was before, and the beginning and everything else in between 

This is it. No fountain of youth, no streams of cold, blissful water

Only dry, dry land. Like a parched throat

The climb, the walk isn’t worth it you know

The view is what you get at the bottom of the well

The blue sky, ever stretching, ever out of reach. 

Poor Little Girl

Grief is gnawing at my heart today, so many losses, so much pain.

It’s hard, but real. It’s unseen but it’s there. 

I cannot fathom why I must go through suffering 

One which sets my teeth on edge 

Makes my head spin, recoil, and turn to mush 

Comprehending why is it like whatever it is. 

I am tired, I am sad and the feelings dont seem to pass with time 

It has stopped, forever, for me. 

In this moment of grief, woe to me and woe to you 

For listening my tale of terrible, terrible grief.

My failures are many, more is my failure of being in the public eye 

To have my feet cut off from under me

To have me pulled down, being dragged with the currents 

Drowning, the people point and turn and tell and whisper 

Poor little girl. 

Ticking Tale

What is love for me, you ask?

A laugh, a smile, a hug is all

An embrace, the comfort, that it will be okay

Is what love is for me, I say. 

One person in the crowd, at one point in life 

Will make you see, the stars above the canopy

Make you wonder, whta life could be. 

Ignite a fire, like a dying star

Lay low the darkness, the dull, dull mind.

Fireworks as they say in the movies 

Love is ideal, it is a fantasy 

One which you live, once, can never go back to reality 

Utopia, it’s surreal, is what love is. 
It’s dark, it hurts, it burns me through 

I am ash, oh I am waning like the morning moon

It’s dull it’s dusk, it’s dark in my soul

It impure, it’s a cancer 

It’s killing me for sure. 

I need escape, I see water 

I see blood, I see an end. 

Love, what have you done?

With death, a pact, sold my soul

Oh love, I am undone. 


This unnerving turn that life is taking

Too many risks, one heart on the line

One would hold her breath, if not for the pain in her chest

Anticipation, fear, loss is looming on the horizon 

The sun may set soon, but I have yet to tell my tale of woe. 


It’s the last day, it’s time to say the final words

It’s a closed study, there is no forever happy 

Its the bend in the road, its a thorn in my side

But does it have to be?

Can it not be a desert, ever stretching 

But with a promise of an end?

Can it not be a river running parallel to land, destined to meet somewhere?

Can it not be, what I wish it to be?

Dare I hope? Dare I lay bare my desires which I cherish enough to hide from the dark, dark world?

I stand at the precipice, hoping for a push 

The edge is daunting, the fall steep

My heart is breaking, its now or never 

Where do I even find the time to weep? 

Let it be today 

If I really have to die, let it be today

For my house is on fire, and I have no water

Or an extinguisher 

Wait, I have no hands either. 

I can just float, watch me watching the burning house 

From the top window, down to porch 

All I can do is swim in my thoughts 

Save it, but how?

Let it be today, that I am gone 

Don’t want to do this, can’t have it anymore 

Too tired to climb, nothing at the top, it’s not worth the view, just draw me a bench, right halfway through 

I can drawl down the valley, lay there low

Hope for the eternal abyss, crave for silence 

My thoughts won’t leave me 

So if I really, really have to go south, let it be today.