Must I be the responsible one ?
Why can’t someone else carry the burden
I never volunteered
I never went forth
Yet here I stand with my arms heavy
With sins which are not mine
But I sort through them
Its more than I can bear
I may fall anytime soon with the load that I share
No one is in sight to help me out
I cannot call, cannot shout
My heart is taking its toll
While I play my hard earned role

I didn’t want to be the responsible one
I just want to finish it all and be done
I would suffice without the burden
I would thrive in freedom
But I am suppressed ever since
Left alone, cold and forgotten somewhere
I don’t know where I am
My feelings dulled while my brain is dead
But not a single tear will be shed
Not a cry will escape my parched lips
I will carry the burden which is not mine
I will shout that the burden is not mine!
I will make them realize that the burden is not mine!
As I never wanted to be the responsible one!
I just want it all to finish and run!

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