Setting Parameters

Define Normality?

Let me tell you guys that no one has the right to set parameters of what normality is. It depends on person to person, age groups, occupations and situations. So what if I cannot handle mine? So what if I let myself be bullied. Maybe that’s normal for me that no one knows about it for I hide it so well.

Coming back to setting parameters, I would like to highlight this fact that each person has his/her own set of rules according to which they behave socially and mentally. If you come up and tell me that my rules are wrong then thats not fair. To which most of the people say that “Life is not fair”. To which I respond that Life is Fair. It is propotionately fair. It has its own parameters of being fair to people and being mean. So who are we to decide for someone that they are not normal. What if they are trying their level best to be as normal as their condition allows them to be. Maybe they are too afraid to be normal for life may want to snatch yet another thing from them. Maybe they are afraid of being happy for they may have a huge amount of crying to do for life offers the blood of the ones you love on a golden platter and you cannot refuse that. Trust me, No one can.