To Be Remembered

I don’t want to fade away
Like the leaves of autumn
To be forgotten
And become a memory!
I want to be remembered now and then
Just a sign that they loved me!
Even now when I am not with them
They cry for me, feel my absense
I want to be remembered with good feelings
Not bitter or sad!
I know I hurt them by turning away
But it wasnt my decision to take
I had to go !
Leaving destruction in my wake
To be remembered and missed
I wish to remain alive in their hearts
My absense is painful I know!
But I am bound with chains of metal
I agree that I am weak
Some ease of guilt I do seek!
What has my fate done?
Not my mistake ofcourse
But I am the root cause
I want to be remembered as the bright sun
And not like the way which would fill their hearts with loss.

Remember the good times
The times of cheer and joy
But dont ponder over the loss of life
The mere emptiness of it
Think of the sun, the stars so bright
And me watching you from some greater height!

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