Those Eyes …

I looked into the blank eyes

dull and faded!

with all they had witnessed

empty eyes without a spark !

Saddened by life’s struggles.

They gave a message

a silent cry for release

unheard by others

lifeless due to crying

seeking numbness instead of pain

reflecting despair and darkness!

I cringed away from the look they gave me !

Like they knew what I was thinking

what I felt and suffered!

But I did not want to face

what they were saying!

Was it my imagination ?

or was it the truth ?

I fear the truth

I want to embrace the lie !

My own eyes not wanting to cry

but still become moist!

Those eyes! They reminded me of someone !

A feature maybe or a sign

with  a jolt I realized that they were mine!

I was standing in front of the mirror!

Those eyes were my eyes

dull and faded !

I looked into my eyes in the reflection

and felt immense pity !

I turned away from it

knowing it was useless to mourn for my eyes

and I went and embraced my life’s lies !

Shifa Naseer

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