Its Ticking

Its time

Pack your bags, time to move on

This adventure has ended, so has the story

Its time to change the book, or flip another page?

A new chapter, is it?

Oh I wish it was another book.

A hard cover with a pretty front face, tempt me to open it

And start again.

For its time to lose what you gained

Leave behind things you don’t need, free people who want to be freed

Set your sails in line, the tide is coming in

And it is strong. It will carry you away from the coast

Then it will be just the sea, and I will play the old man?

Hemmingway would be proud, I will throw the line

And catch my fish.

Not a moment to lose, its time to forget the old, purple, bluish bruise

The clock is ticking and its the eleventh hour, the end is near

They say that time is an illusion but why is it that it’s the needles that I fear?




No More Eulogies

No more will I lament 

No regret. 

Gone are they, no traces left 

So many cries, I cried. So many tears shed. 

Screaming into the pillow, all those stories unsaid

Taken, no goodbyes 

No post cards to wait for 

Its been long, and longer still 

Your face is blurred today 

My memories weak 

I miss you every day, I do 

But now, no more eulogies for you.