Watching The Clock

Safer than me, is the needle of the clock under the glass
Ticking along its own path, no obstacle and no stop
My life is ticking away like the needle going round and round
I watch from my bed, I watch the clock
The numbers mock me as the clock strikes each
Tick and a tock and my heart starts to race
I know my end is near and I know I am running out of time
So much left unsaid, so much still left to do
I believe in Him to grant me days
To grant me more chimes of the clock
The merciless fate doesnt listen and aggravates my agony
My miseries know no limits as my time comes
My daughters and my sons crying for me to stop
But I cant, my feet just wont stop
I let go as I am tired, I am tired.
I really give up. I do.

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