Its A Phase

They said it will pass, that it will be okay

Its a phase, they said,

I listened, I waited, I hoped, I dreamt

For it to pass away but did it?


The phase stayed, it stayed like a lazy cat

Purring by my side, eroding my mind, infiltrating my senses

It was a phase which was here to stay.

Creepy Titles

I write and I write and I write and I write

As people keeping dying and dying some more

It doesn’t make a difference anymore, I don’t feel okay

Words and catharsis have long given up on me

Its all pointless, this life in a box

I want to go home, but where is home?

They are selling it, the last I heard

Gathering dust, that house

Fading wallpapers, ones I chose so lovingly

Fading memories, on sale now.

But its all fine, I have creepy titles for my dank poetry

To make me feel better, that life is sunny again

And so I write, I type, I puke it out

And they think its art.





Millions Died With You

Taking strength from your words, the courage from your voice

Its all very well until you stopped altogether

Losing out on hope, losing out on life

I wonder if you ran out of words or the words ran out of you

Its all so messed up, this world, maybe it wasn’t for you after all.

You died, you killed yourself but

Millions died with you, those you held up with the power of your thoughts

Its all lost now, its all gone.

“In the end, it doesn’t even matter.”

I Suffer

I suffer

In my thoughts, through my feelings

My emotions, the complexity of of the grey cloud over my head

No silver lining

I suffer through them all.

It rains but I do not get wet, I stay dry

Parched in the rainy season

Such is my suffering. The world moves and I move with it,

Yet I remain where I was, in a loop

Chasing my tail, chasing my shadow

I suffer, for I do not reach where I intend to be

My destiny is blank, my fate has no plan

I drift through life and hence I suffer.

Dont you see? Do you ever feel it?

I suffer. Why dont you see my suffering,

I cry out, I suffer, and I cry out louder

I suffer, I suffer, I suffer

I suffer, I struggle to stay afloat

Its not a part, it is my life.

I suffer and I suffer some more.

Its just suffering, is it?

if it is so, then be it,

Let me suffer, watch me suffer

Till meaning is drained from my sufferings

Till then I suffer.

Cutting Edges

Its been ages, I did not lift a finger

Fingers now numb, complain of pain

I hold my hands in light and see the lines

I am old.

Where did the time go? It flew like the birds in the sky

A distant speck in the vast blue

The emptiness of my room, reflecting the hollowness of life

The pointlessness of it all.

Why stay alive when you know you are dying?

The lines are deepening, skin fading to wrinkles

Cutting edges where I can, smoothening it out

The more I untangle, the more it tangles me.

Its a loop, my edges are sharp

Cutting myself, cutting you out

Its life, ladies and gentlemen, for you, on a silver platter.

The Pizza Place 

I will take you there someday, where they make pizzas that I crave. 

It will be our first date 

You and I, sharing a pizza at the pizza place 

Would you come on time? 

I don’t want you to be late. 

I hope you wear your funny hat, It suits your face. 

I am here but why aren’t you at the pizza place?! 

My coat is a little too tight but that’s okay 

It would be better if you just came 

The pizza is getting cold and I have not had a bite

The cheese will be rubber, the bread hard 

Toppings will be dry and then so will I! 

You are not coming and my pizza is cold 

Why do you not do as you are told! 

The sun is set and its a perfect setting. 

My head is dizzy, my heart is breaking! 

The pizza is cold, the waiter impatient 

I will just pay him and walk away 

Its night and unlike you, I don’t like being late. 

White Lies

I know if I leave now, I won’t come back 

But you are crazy enough to always make me turn 

It’s not you, your shadow 

Silent, breeze by my window

You are crazy enough to wait for me 

Even if I make you wait for ever 

When you see me, you smile 

But I swear I burn inside 

It’s crazy but it is what it is 

Your shadow haunts me

So when you call, I turn and return to our chamber of white lies

Withered Old Book 

A well designed road led to a well planned city 

Gates were open in welcome just for me. 

Crossing the threshold, I dreamt of dreams with eyes open wide 

Held together by fragments of hope lost over time. 

Maybe this is it, my haven. 

A place where I belong, this city of my dreams.  

Call it a day dream, a dream nonetheless,

Starting something new, call it a chapter in my withered old book.