I can hear the shallow breathing

feel the gentle rise and fall of the chest !

A peaceful smile on the face

without any pretense or facade !

I silently watch and peep

as they fall deeper into sleep

The bliss of leaving reality behind

joining a world which is hopeful and kind

A place of one’s choice

a world where they rejoice.

I never saw the ecstatic place

as my conscience keeps me awake.

I long for such a blissful relief

but I am deprived of it !

I am afraid that if I sleep

The dreamcatcher will rob me of my dreams !

He haunts me day and night

while others sleep, I have a plight !

I look everywhere he might be lurking

a place filled with dark

so cold and dead !

I dare not sleep

as I fear he will rob me of my dreams.


Hook in one hand and net in the other

his cloak billowing in the wind

I see him robbing others

taking away their dreams

leaving them cold and dry !

I see it all as he steals

I watch helplessly as he feeds !

The bloody theif!

Wish I could stop him, wish I could rob him !

but he knows it well

that I will eventually drift off to sleep

then he will rob me of my beautiful dreams !


Shifa Naseer

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