You Are In Me

In a place where I know I belong
To you, and to the world beyond
I found you, hidden in the unforeseen
Battling for life, battling for me
My smile lits up my face,
From forlorn to a majestic grace
Damaged and ripped soul of mine
Was healed by your one glance
Flicker of hope in my heart, thump thump as it went along
Picking up rhythm as I sprinted forward
To you, to my final place where I belong
I see you!
Yes! Yes, I know you!
You are a part of me, You are in me!
As I pull you to me
I joined my heart with you
And the world stopped existing for me
Sacred reunion, forever together
A welcoming force, a reuniting gesture
You are in my soul, yes you are in me
Finding you in the place I belong
A magical fort, a princess world
My world at your feet
For I am yours and you are in me.

8 thoughts on “You Are In Me

  1. this is also one of the nice writing..I feel a romance while reading this..I guess it meant the same.. true love

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