Personal Profits

Free birds fly through the sky, caged birds flee from the cages
All run to freedom, through the past ages
Holding the reins, the kings and their horsemen
Like lightening, galloping through lakes and ravines
To conquer, to quench their thirst for power
Standing tall and majestic, no falter in their steps, no waver in their resolve
The lion looking for flesh, his rule over forests
The fear in the heart of the deer, the fast rhythm as it runs to hide
The resistance of the tree with the ferocious wind
The fight between them to win over the other
The bend of the tree, trying to hold on the nests of the birds
The cruel whooshing of the wind, the pitiful wailing of the leaves
What the nature reveals, the surroundings reflect
People lying, cheating and being unfair
To loot, to satiate the lust for money
Personal gain being more important than other peoples’ pain
Losing their will, ruled by the greed
Just personal profits everywhere it seems.

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