Make It Easier

Holding my hand you drag me along
Knowing I gave up long ago
But not letting me stop, you drag me on
Forward with you, by your side
You hold my hand and walk with me
You make every step a light feather
No effort it seems to me
As you make it easier for me
You hold me up and straight
Make me look forward at my path
You are my oasis in the desert of sorrows
An aura protecting me from sadness
I look at you from beneath my lashes
To convey my silent gratitude
Werent it for you, I would’ve drowned long back
But you held me up and held my ground
You made it easier, you made it effortless
You made me what I am
Where I stand and what I received
Even now you walk my walk
Step by step, hand in hand
While I drag along
You walk and your resolve is strong
I admire you and you courage
To hold me up in your walk too
A burden which you werent entitled to
But you still carried me, holding me and pulling me through.

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