I Refuse To Feel

I heard they say it hurts to feel
Heard it time and again that it made me believe
I became afraid and I feared the feeling
Feared and hated the thing
I took a vow to never feel
Keep a stable void inside me
It hurts to feel as they say
So I made myself immune to it all
I never feel, never kneel
I walk with my head high
As I am yet to be defeated
I am a coward, hiding for sure
Since I am whole and me till now
Dont want to split because of the pain
They say that it hurts
And the pain only gets worse
I dont even want to take a chance
Stay away from its evil trance
I am afraid, a coward for sure
As my heart is still whole and my soul is pure.
I have seen them rise and fall
Fall in the deepest pits of sorrow
Their pain surmounts their senses
Leaving them bruised and vulnerable
I dont wish the same for myself
And so I refuse to feel
To bend down, to surrender, to kneel
I am my own master and I will have the reins
I will drive my own life
With me sitting behind the wheel
I heard they say it hurts to feel
And I believe them, as I dont want to fall like those who believed.

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