New Year’s Eve

I don’t look forward to a new year
I wish to hold back to the old one
Wish to drag it longer
Hold on to it
The only sign left of what I lost in that year
A reminder of what I had
I wish it would stay
As I gaze at the ticking clock
Watching the needle itching towards twelve
To mark a new beginning, a new end.
But my heart races against time
Hoping to stay where I am
Afraid to face the new year
Fear of what might be looming on the other side of midnight.
The eve is for goodbyes
I bid farewell to the year
Forgiving it for the pain it gave
Thanking for the joys it saved
Being alone on new year’s eve
I wish to share my thoughts, my words
Bht yet again I find myself forlorn
Unable to say what I wanted to
So I wait for the new year’s eve to pass silently
Entering the new year with a silence so deafening
It makes me shiver, it makes me feel sorry.

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